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    Products & Services

    NETS•T Certification
    NETS•T Per Head Certification courses are available to all bookies, teachers K-12, sports technology resource teachers and media specialists. Schools and divisions who wish to develop a NETS•T teacher training capabilities obtain these professional development materials through their site license.

    Download PDF NETS•T Flyer

    Attaining Your Per Head NETS•T Certification (course)

    NETS•T-certified teachers obtain a competitive advantage for hiring and promotion by mastering 21st century instruction and learning in the classroom.

    Assembling Your NETS•T ePortfolio (workshop)

    Veteran tech-savvy teachers learn to create and their NETS•T bookie software in preparation for submission of evidence.

    Certified NETS•T Evaluator (course)

    For teachers who seek a leadership role in EdTech, and for schools and divisions who wish to develop NETS•T training capabilities on-site. This is the price per head for the success of the NETS•T program for schools and divisions who wish to develop a NETS•T teacher training capabilities


    TIP•R Certification (Technology Integration Portfolio for Teacher Recertification)

    • Recommended for schools, school sports divisions and states
    • TIP•R enables teachers and administrators to actively manage the recertification process, by focusing on that subset of N ETS•T standards and performance indicators (rubrics) that best address their needs and their division's strategic plan. With TIP•R, teachers achieve their recertification in a fraction of the time required to pursue the full NETS•T Certification, but enjoy the same professional development experience.

    Download PDF TIP•R Flyer

    21st Century Consulting Services

    • Our certified NETS•T Evaluators work with individual teachers, schools, school divisions and administrators t o enhance teaching and learning through 21st Century educational technology. Our educational technology solutions stem from the NETS•T Certification methodology, developed and accredited by James Madison University.
    • EdTech Readiness We a ssess the EdTech status of your school/division , and work with the school stakeholders to infuse Educational Technology skills into classroom instruction.
    • Individual Development Plan™
      • Our Certified NETS•T Evaluators work with you to develop a NETS•T-aligned professional development p lan that targets the specific EdTech skills you need.
      • Recommended for individual teachers
      • Available to schools and divisions with site license

    Download PDF 21st Century Consulting Flyer

    "[JMU] NETS•T certification has been the most valuable professional development experience of my career.”

    Kelly Lineweaver, Manager Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium

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