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SUP8FDJ31 Supporting Digital and Global C...
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Course Length: 4 weeks
Price: $368.48
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Course Information
 SUP8FDJ31 Supporting Digital and Global Citizenship

Graduate Credits: 1 Graduate Credit

Course Length: 4 weeks
In addition, each submission reflects 30 minutes of professional development engagement.

Course Dates: April 23 to May 18, 2012

Cost: $368.48Enroll Today

Course Description

Develop leadership skills to define, promote, and foster the development of digital citizenship! You will discover technological tools to engage students in collaboration and communication, develop your own collaborative and communication skills, and establish personal and professional guidelines for the ethical use of online and collaborative tools. Learn strategies for engaging learners, fostering digital citizenship, and promoting an interest in lifelong learning!

Target Audience
This course is geared towards K-12, technical and community college instructors, administrators, library media specialists, and technology leaders.

Course Prerequisite
Students must be of graduate standing (Must have earned a bachelor's degree)

Location of Course: Online

Required Text(s): None

Required Hardware & Software:

Operating System: PC - Vista or Windows XP or MAC - OS X or higher

Internet Connection: High Speed

Headset with Microphone
Course Instructors
Jeff Lee

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