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    TIP•R Benefits

    This program of  Strategic Recertification™ allows divisions and teachers to build a comprehensive set of NETS?T-aligned skills, individually and collectively, one recertification cycle at a time. In so doing, the TIP?R program yields the following benefits:

    Common focus/language/framework. Provides clarity and consensus regarding the goals of professional development for technology integration for all teachers in a division, not just those who complete the full NETS?T certification program.

    Ease of implementation. Does not require specialized training for reviewers or teachers.

    Targeted professional development. Assists in the identification of areas of professional practice in greatest need of supportive attention for individual teachers as well as for the division as a whole.

    Flexibility. Allows teachers to pursue development of their portfolio at their own pace, schedule, and location, using the professional development activities of their choosing, both formal and informal, face-to-face or online.

    Reinforcement of ITRT role. Supports ITRTs in the role of serving as reviewers for the teachers with whom they work.

    Scalability. Can expand for use with all teachers in a division or consortium.

    Sustainability. Once adopted, the program is easily sustainable due to its low-cost and reliance on local resources.

    Foundation for NETS?T Certification pursuit. Provides an introduction to and foundation for pursuit for full NETS?T certification for those

    Additional benefits of the JMU NETS?T Certification Program may apply as well. Click here to the these benefits .


    Teacher and Technology Timeline: The Context for Strategic Recertification . (2008). JMU Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Harrisonburg, VA: James Madison University.


    "[JMU] NETS•T certification has been the most valuable professional development experience of my career.”

    Kelly Lineweaver, Manager Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium

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