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    TIP•R Professional Development

    A key advantage of the TIP•R Program is that it is independent of any particular professional development resource. This allows schools and divisions to create and use the best localized content for the specific needs at hand. The Program can accommodate any resource ranging from formal coursework to informal ad hoc learning teams of motivated teachers. This approach also allows users to update content as needed and opportunistically as new resources are identified. This flexibility helps prevent stagnation or even obsolescence of content that occurs quickly given the rapid evolution of technology.

    Toward these ends, TIP•R licensees are given professional development resources which they can use to start their program. The Assembling Your JMU NETS?T ePortfolio workshop provides teachers with the information they need to organize their portfolios and the Attaining Your JMU NETS•T Certification course provides facilitated training designed to promote development of the NETS•T skills needed for mastery of a given rubric. See the NETS•T Professional Development resource for a fuller description of these materials.


    "[JMU] NETS•T certification has been the most valuable professional development experience of my career.”

    Kelly Lineweaver, Manager Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium

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